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  • July Event: Rummage Sale

    WE ARE HAVING A CHARITABLE RUMMAGE SALE! The Signature Gives Back Committee would like all of the Signature Team Members to please participate in donating items and purchasing an item or two as a fundraiser as part of the charitable initiative.

    FOR THE COMPANYWIDE MEETING @ Kings Point, we are asking everyone to please bring some items from your home that are no longer being used or that you wish to discard. The items should be in good working condition and clean (not trash). We are accepting used and new items. NO CLOTHING, please.

    We will sell the items with all proceeds benefiting our July charity and we plan on charging $1, $2 & $5 respectively for the items. We will setup before the Companywide Meeting and The Signature Team can purchase items during LUNCH and at the HAPPY HOUR after the meeting.

    All proceeds generated will go to The Childrens Healing Institute. All unpurchased items that are brought in for the Rummage Sale will be donated to Faith Farm. SO EVERYTHING IS BEING PUT TO GOOD USE! Thanks for your support =)